Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas time in Lufkin... :)

First of all, let me say HI to Dawn! Mom told me that you read my blog religiously and I want to thank you! :) I miss you and Richard and the kids so much and hate that we live so far away now. So... thank you for reading... now... MAKE A COMMENT! ;)

So, we went to lufkin this past weekend to do Polar Express with the kids on Saturday. Bobbie had pajama's made for each of the boys with their names on it and we had pictures taken Saturday morning. They are super cute... if you get a chance, go to this website... go to View Portraits and under Davis Family the password is davis in all lowercase. She did a nice job of capturing their mischievous nature.

The Polar Express was wonderful! It was in Palestine... and the conductor welcomes everyone aboard... they serve hot chocolate and some type of treat... we listened to the reading of the book and then sang Christmas carols. The kids were all in their pajama's and they were given a bell by Santa Claus. You ride the train to the North Pole and see the lights. It's really really special and I look forward to it again next year!

My mother in law always decorates for each season and I swear she channels Martha Stewart and it's just so put together. I love going to their house... it has such a homey feeling and there is NOTHING like one of their fires in the fireplace... big ole wood burning fire! I love the smell! I love the feeling! I love the warmth with a glass of wine next to it. :) And this year's decorations were no exception except for the fact that she is having a hip replaced on January 5th and can hardly walk! But needless to say... she has all of her decorations up with the help of my sister in law, Erin. And this year, they have an addition... a talking christmas tree named, Douglas.

Joe LOVED this tree. It has scared each of us out of our minds at one time or another as we have forgotten that Douglas was there and he would all of a sudden serenade us. But, Joe LOVED this tree. He would stand in front of it and touch it, it would start singing and he would dance. He danced all weekend long. He stood there, touched it, and bounced, marched and turned himself around. It was adorable!

Then Jackson came over and he liked the Santa that sang... "have a holly jolly christmas" while gyrating his hips... it's hysterical. The two of them split their time between the two singing ornaments in their matching pajama's.

In this one you'll notice Joe and then you see a bit of a blur. That's Jackson. He jumped at just the precise moment that my camera took the picture. But, it's appropriate because the two of them are so precious! They play and play and play... and romp and Jackson takes care of him... UNTIL Joe tries to take one of his toys. Then... well, then ... you can figure out what happens with two very head strong boys!

We opened presents on Sunday morning and had a wonderful lunch. This year we had done something different and instead of buying each other presents, we adopted a family in need and each contributed to making this a very special christmas for them. We all shopped together and had a say on what to get off of their list. Erin and Bobbie wrapped everything and delivered it and I hope that they enjoy their special stuff as much as we enjoyed getting it for them.

We then bought for the boys and got each other stocking stuffers and that was it.

Once we got lunch on the table and all sat down, ready to eat, I looked over and this is what I was greeted with....
yep... Joe was SOUND asleep in his high chair with the fork in his hand! Poor little guy had just had so much fun... it plum wore him out! :)

Shortly after lunch, the three Davis' all headed home and luckily... little joe slept the ENTIRE WAY! We were worried that he would never go to sleep last night... but he did! :)

He has just grown so much and so fast. He is understanding what we are saying. He is now signing more, please, red, black, yellow, the words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, yes, no... and he just makes me appreciate my life. How can you not smile when you think of an 18 month old saying... HO HO HO with gusto? Will he turn out as well as Colby? Dawn... what did you do to have such a gentle, well mannered son? I should be so lucky! :)

Happy Holidays everyone... stay tuned... for pictures of the fishing Santa! :)


The Munns said...

The Polar Express actually sounds like fun! The photo of Joe passed out in his high chair really is priceless. = )
Missed you at the cookie exchange!

rharrisontx said...

Hi Jess! Yes, I'm addicted -- have to get my Baby Joey fix online these days!!! So happy to see that you guys are doing great, but we miss you all here! Missed you at the boat parade last weekend, but it was great to see your parents -- haven't seen them in a while! Colby really is amazing! He's really grown up at college and we are very proud parents! Hope to see you soon. Have a wonderful Christmas!



Dana said...

the polar express sounds AWESOME!!! glad ya'll had a merry christmas!

and boo, your link doesn't work for me