Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like

So this past weekend we stayed home and worked on our Christmas Decor and it finally is all up (after a lot of fluffing) Can I just say that I hate fluffing! it sucks! My fingers are all cut up and my scratched from all the tree fluffing... but now that it's done, it looks great! :)

We have the tree up, the garlands strung, the nativity out and my advent calendar hung. Jason was in charge of the outside lights and he wants to make some changes but his one's heart desire was the below Santa.

Yes... that IS santa in a bass boat with a fish... he will now reside in our front yard next to the oh so pretty garland and pretty lights. We are so white trash.

I ordered it off of Ebay... and we have not received it yet. As soon as he is all hooked up, I will be sure and post some pictures for all the world to see.

I have also been doing most of my holiday shopping online... LOVE it ... they wrap it, they send it... and all I have to do is sit and point and click! FABULOUS! And through ebates.com I have gotten like $75 back! WOOHOO!

I have not bought Joey's presents or Jason's yet... need to work on that. How many days til Christmas???

And... it is supposed to snow tonight. Flurry actually, and it's not supposed to stick... but snow? I am so not ready for this! It was 60 degrees this morning when I left my house... now it's like 40 something. BRRRRRR!


Viula said...

i'm so jealous! your tree is gorgeous (of course!!). i can't wait for ours to get up. with ray out of town, we're on a decorating stand still since my pg butt isn't going in to the attic. post more so i can be inspired. muah!!!

Ingram Gang said...

Fluffing is BY FAR the worst part of decorating. My hands were all scratched up too. My husband puts the tree pieces together and thinks HE does all the work. What? I try to explain to him that the tree is NOT finished when it is standing upright but still all smashed up. Anyways, fluffing is for real women only!

The Munns said...

LOL - I like your Santa!
I added you to the links on our blog, too.

Dana said...

aw, you're such an awesome FLUFFER (google it). lol!!!

i'm jealous you're getting snow! and totally lmao at the santa. it's awesome. i want one now - and i don't even fish! i'd just like to bug the shyt out of my neighbor before i'm gone for good ;p