Saturday, December 20, 2008

I had the best day today!

So, I really do love Christmas time but usually (and this year has been no different really)... it's so busy with rush rush rushing that you don't get to stop and enjoy it.

This weekend, we were supposed to go to Houston for a wedding. One of Jason's cousins is getting married in League City and we were going to drive down there for the two hour reception... and as much as I was looking forward to seeing all of the family, I was dreading ONE more four hour drive. It seems that we have been driving to either Lufkin or to Houston EVERY single weekend and I am just D.O.N.E and needed a break.

Unfortunately, it came in the form of pink eye for Joey and a small ear infection. SO... we decided to stay home.

This morning dawned warm and balmy (go figure) and I let Jason sleep in. I chased after my darling tasmanian devil for awhile and then got my list out for the next week's menu's. I then started putting together my grocery (and recipe) list for the things I want to cook. I now had a game plan. :)

I decided to brave Central Market for my groceries and was looking forward to it. I love Central Market. I could (and did) spend hours there... I love their produce. I love their selections. I love that they are mostly organic and "green" and always feel a little bit better for having shopped there. Like I have done something to produce a higher quality meal for my family. How domestic is THAT! :)

So, I got the kiddo ready, me ready and with list in hand, off we headed. First to Einstein Bagel for their Winter Blend of coffee which is a little bit of java heaven in a little bag. :) While there, Joey found a cute little TCU undergrad and flirted a bit. He played peekaboo and ran around and grinning at her. It was super cute.

The, off to our final destination. We spent about an hour and a half there. I will say that it was nuts! There were far too many carts for the aisle space. But, Joe and I just wandered the aisles looking at all of the fun things. We meandered through the produce section almost fondling (sorry) each of the veggies. I even found New Jersey Tomatoes there... now for you southerners that means nothing. But for this yankee... OMG... there is only ONE tomato I can stand to have in a sandwich with nothing other than mayo and some salt and pepper. And THAT, my friends, is a New Jersey Tomato.

I was so excited. Joe ate some pineapple and flirted with the young (and some older) ladies. He talked to the gentleman and certainly made most smile with his absolute adorable-ness. (d'uh!).

I ended up buying WAY too much and spent WAY too much doing it... but I think the enjoyment factor should be weighed in there too, no?

Joey and I headed home and he fell asleep, which I expected... and when we got home, Jason got him in to finish his nap... and I got to go get my nails done. :) Bliss, I tell you!

Now, I can't wait to get to cooking. I am going to try to get some of my side dishes and my Red Velvet Cheesecake done tomorrow so that when my family, and my inlaws, all get here.. I am not trying to get it all finished. :)

So, quite possibly for today only... cause tomorrow is another day... I am FULL of the holiday spirit! It all just goes by so fast!

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