Sunday, December 28, 2008

Ho! Ho! HO!

So, belated Merry Christmas to everyone! We had a GREAT holiday and I cannot believe it's all over. As I mentioned in my last blog, the weekend before Christmas I went shopping and then did most of my baking then on Sunday. As I was cooking my Red Velvet Cheesecake... Joey helped by eating his oreos. He loves him some oreos! :)

We worked Monday and Tuesday. My parents, sister and Grandfather came in on Tuesday night. We had a nice evening and visited... it was fun. I love having family here.

Wednesday morning, Jason went on in to work and Mom, Kristin, Joey and I ran some errands. We all met back at the house and Jason, Dad and Grandpa all went to work on my new gas logs for the fireplace. Kristin and I went to work on cooking and Mom was watching Joey. He went down for a nap, Kiki and I got to a place where we could play a little with her new Iphone. All was wonderful in the world.

Joe woke up, Mom went to get him... dad, Jay and Grandpa still working on the fireplace... and Kristin and I are back in the office on the computer... when we hear a LOUD crash! Jason yells...everyone OKAY? When we start hearing moaning. Mom has gone down and gone down HARD! She was taking a picture of the three boys when she backed up and Murphey was laying there. She tripped over the dog and caught herself on her left wrist.

Off they go to the emergency room. Luckily it was an outlying ER and there was only one person in front of her. The ER doc took one look at her arm and said... yep broken... and most likely will need surgery! :(

They splint it, give her some pain meds and send her home. :(

She is out of commission completely for the rest of the visit.

Kristin and I finish cooking dinner which, by the way was amazing. :)
We had Jalapeno Cilantro Soup (recipe from Reatta's)
Potatoes Dauphinais (from Shannon)
Individual Beef Wellingtons
Brussel Sprouts with lemon and capers
with Red Velvet Cheesecake for dessert. :)
Mom did make it to the table but couldn't eat much. :(

Christmas morning dawned early! Jason heard Joey stirring and couldn't WAIT to let him see what santa had brought. He brought him out and put him on his new tricycle that honks and makes good car noises. He also got a vacuum which sings and talks to him. He loves anything that makes noise... good boy! :)
We all woke up and unwrapped presents. I am pretty sure we all made out like bandits!

Had to get a good pic of mom in her spot with her splint. She's pretty doped up though... not that you can tell until......
the next pic!

After breakfast and all was said and done, the Meikle's all packed up and headed home. We cleaned up, changed the sheets, vacuumed and got ready for Jason's parents to arrive Christmas evening.
We had a GREAT time with them. Bobbie and I went shopping the day after Christmas and got some great deals and generally just had a GREAT time. We talked to mom several times who was in the ER again in Houston where they confirmed surgery but she had to wait until Monday to see the Orthopoedist. (spelling?)
I have some more pictures of the Davis visit but I will leave you now with a video of Joey last night. He was such a good boy and is just generally in good spirits. We (as you can tell) ask him what Santa says and he is quick to say back... "HO! HO! HO!"
I hope you enjoy a little bit of Joey love!


Ingram Gang said...

So Cute!
And I love his hair, priceless.

Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

I could just eat him up!