Thursday, January 29, 2009

Cold... brrrrrr

So, we are going through a bit of a cold spell. Cold spell, I say... it was 17 degrees when I awoke yesterday morning to a nice sheen of ice on my driveway. It took until 12:00 to even get up to 32 degrees... this is so not Texas weather. Well, not that I am used to. :)

So, we had a snow day. Joe and I did anyway... Jason had to come in half way through the day... I say HAD to but really it was a matter of choosing to. He figured it was a good day to work on cleaning the office and really, I couldn't agree more. He put together his to do lists... even put one together for me... thank you hunny! ;)

But Joe and I... well we only went a wee bit stir crazy with each other... but we watched some wiggles... he napped (I worked on defensive driving)... we played, we destructed things (is that a word?) and we enjoyed each other. My hubby mentioned that it seems like I am getting frustrated with Joey more lately. I don't think I am getting more frustrated with him... I *am* tired but that's only from 20 month's of lack of sleep... but I can't think of a more adorable human being than my little one. His smiles make me smile. His giggles are like champagne... full of bubbles and you just can't get enough... and well, his mischievousness... his fearlessness... I think I am just not very good at thinking of new things to keep him occupied.

This morning, Joe is in my bedroom walking into the bathroom and he turns around and does the sign language for cold. It was so cute... he tucks his little shoulders up to his ears and shivers. I said... are you cold? He looks at me and goes... bRRRRR. He wasn't really cold but he knows the sign. :) Too cute!

He fell on Sunday and we had to take him to the ER for the first time. He has always been a climber. He climbs on chairs. He climbs on couches. He climbs on me. He just loves to climb. And he climbed and he fell... hitting his head on the little kids table behind him on the way down. Off to the ER we went... an hour, some super glue and a whiney achy baby later... we are doing our darnedest to keep him off the chairs so that we don't have a repeat performance. Although I am quite sure that we should go ahead now and get the frequent flier card. ;)

Mom and dad are coming in this weekend... because on Tuesday we leave for World of Concrete in Las Vegas. Just Jason and I are going... mom and dad are going to watch Joe and the business... not sure what we will come home to... :) as for the toddler, the grandparents or the business. Ha! But, whatever it is... WE will be rested and will have had some time to spend with just each other... so I am very much looking forward to that. We are even entertaining some customers each evening (except for one when I get to spend time with my dear friend Isabelle and her two adorable boys).

I am so excited for the superbowl. and I am excited that my parents are going to be here for it. You see I am a HUGE Steelers fan. :) We grew up in Pittsburgh (among other places) and although it took me awhile to catch on to football, I now very much enjoy it! :) I thought about having a superbowl party but my hubby convinced me that to do so would be putting stress on myself right before we leave for vegas... and we are prone to big blow ups anyway before traveling. :-D
So, no superbowl party but good family and good food and hopefully a good game! :) anyone want a good friendly BET? :)

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Laura said...

well, i have a tried and true way of picking the winner of the superbowl. whoever has the cutest quarterback wins! (only hasn't worked once...last year) so sorry but i have to go with the cardinals.... :)

laura (lauroura)