Friday, January 2, 2009

Year in Review

Happy New Years 2008!

February: Our first plane ride to Albuquerque, New Mexico.

March: Happy Easter!

March: We learned to crawl AND play in the dog bowl! fun times!

April: I went to Chuck E Cheese's with one of my girlfriends, Anna!

May: Got my hair cut off!

May: Joe's first birthday and my 34th birthday! Where did the time go?
June: Found a house in Fort Worth

July: Wonderful parent/sister trip to Europe. It was spectacular. Would have been better if my husband had been with me though.

July 30: Moving truck came.

August 1: Moved INTO our new house.

August: My friend Julie and her kids came to visit. Shut her arm in the car door and broke it.
Welcome to MY house. :(

September: RIP my beloved Frankie! You are missed EVERY single day!

September: Hurricane Ike brought some wonderful evacuees. What fun we had!

September: Hurricane Ike also brought Jason a totaled truck and a new Yukon.

October: A girls trip to Austin.

October: our 3rd Anniversary and our wonderful in laws watched Joe.

November: Wonderful Girls trip to Galveston. Oh yeah and I dyed my hair brunette. Who says that blondes have more fun?

December: Family pictures. What a wonderful family I have.


It's been a year full of changes and a year full of growth. I wonder what 2009 will bring. Whatever it is... I hope that we continue to be blessed and to take each hardship and new challenge as the lessons they are intended to be. I pray that my family continues to be healthy and happy. And I hope that all those that we care about have the best year that they can! :)

Happy 2009 all!


Lil Miss K's Mommy said...


Ingram Gang said...

What a full year!
Joey has grown so much. I just spent an hour looking at all of our pictures over the past year, I never realize how much my kids have change until I look back at pictures.
Happy 2009!

Chasity Munn said...

Wow! I remember most of those photos and it does not seem like that much time has passed at all!