Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Ice" and fingerpainting... a picture recap. :)

My inlaws came for a visit on Christmas day and we had such a wonderful time. I got to go shopping with my mother in law and then on Saturday, we went to the "Ice" display at the Gaylord Texan up in Grapevine, Tx. All of us, except Joe, who was asleep through most of it and woke up to a sea of blue... had a wonderful time. :)
I think my father in law was cold... you?

This was an actual ice slide. I was so sad... the line was just too long to get to go down it. Next year! Next year... YOU ARE MINE!
The almost before shot of fingerpainting. I decided when I got home yesterday from our playdate that we would do some fingerpainting. I had gotten the idea from my sister in law to use vanilla pudding and food coloring. GREAT idea. Edible. :) I made the pudding per the instructions SO I thought... and when it didn't set up... I re read them.. OH SHIT (sorry) it's supposed to be made with MILK and not WATER. Darn! Into the disposal it goes. Hmmmmm... what ELSE can I use?
What about that red velvet cheesecake batter I have leftover and some blue and pink yogurt? PERFECT! Joe seemed to have a blast and I got some great new thank you notes done! HA!

and then the after's... :)
so much fun, Mommy!
Really? WOW!
I am just so stinkin pleased with myself.
and the real after. :)


Lil Miss K's Mommy said...

I just adore Joey! He's so cute!!! "ICE" was pretty neat hu? We went in December. Even Keegan went but she slept the whole time also. We haven't even got together yet =( Maybe we can before we leave.

Viula said...

those pics are adorable. he is a little love muffin!!!