Friday, February 27, 2009

It's been a long hard week!

So... last week, on Thursday... Joe got sick. I think I may have mentioned it. Thursday night he sprung a fever and when I brought him to bed with me... about thirty minutes later he vomited all over me and all over bed. Nice. So... while I stood there like a dummy (Jason is so much better with barf)... he kind of barked at me (I needed it) to get moving... get changed... take Joe upstairs... I continued to stand there like a dummy. D'OH!

Finally... he grabbed the baby and headed up to bathe him... I started cleaning the sheets. I went upstairs and as soon as little bits saw me... he wanted me. So... I changed him and snuggled him into the guest room... aye eye eye! He luckily didn't throw up anymore... but it was a rough night of me checking on him. Oh yeah and he wanted to play all of a sudden.. oye!

We got up... Jason went to work... and Joe and I snuggled. He just had a raging fever and aches and pains and the other end... man oh man. I made an appointment with the doc who basically told me his throat was raw but it wasn't strep. It could be viral. It could be bacterial. Thanks!

We left armed with a prescription and a instructions to rest... We got home and both took a nap. Dee left Houston at three and I just watched a lot of wiggles.

And although Dee and I had other plans... Joseph came first and we kind of tailored our weekend around him. We did make it out to Central Market but we cooked... we drank wine... we snuggled joe... Joe and Dee played "mountain" when he was feeling better. :) And even though he had a HORRENDOUS night Saturday night... (up from 10 - 3)... it was a GREAT weekend. :) We didn't make it to church like we had planned but we got lots of visiting time. :)

She left around 11:00 am so that Joe and I could take a nap which kind of was the course of the whole week... What I thought was just going to be a 24 hour bug turned into ... oh... a week long bug. We literally slept, played, drank juice, plyed him with tylenol and motrin and slept some more. He raged a fever of 102.5 and higher for the ENTIRE week. OH my. It's exhausting having a sick baby. I just kept thinking it has to be over tomorrow.

With another call into the doctor on Wed... or was it thurs... we trucked up to the CVS (walking for the fresh air)... got back and I promptly dropped the medicine (glass bottle... shattered)... and CVS wouldn't give me another and my insurance wouldn't cover another. So...we called in a third antibiotic which it turns out we didn't need. :-D

His fever broke Thursday morning... and although he got tired quickly... I just felt that giving him the medicine was unnecessary.

Today... Friday... was the first day in a week I took him to school and I went into work. I had piles of unorganized stuff on my desk that I had thought I would get to on MONDAY.... and it just felt good to get away. I mean no offense to my little monkey who I love and adore above all... but MAN... he tired me out. Especially today!

But it was so great to get home to him! :) I missed him so much! :)

Tomorrow his Bebe and Big Daddy are coming. (Jason's parents)... and we all can't wait to see them! :)

Hope you guys had a better week than we did. :)

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Lawfrog said...

Oh dear, you and Joey have been through the wringer. You're such a good mother, I very much enjoy reading about your adventures with Little Bits:) I'm glad he's feeling better and don't you feel badly for one second for needing the break (if you can call it that) that being at work provided.

Taking care of a sick kiddo is exhausting in so many ways. Breaks are necessary.

Have a great weekend!