Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My niece is the most gorgeous little girl

My gorgeous little niece lives with my ex brother in law in Maryland and Matthew sent this adorable video of Emilie wishing us a Happy Valentines day. I thought I would share it with you. :)

and to add to his/their craziness... they have two new puppies and are expecting a new baby. Boy do they have their hands full!

Meet Black Jack and Zoe Rose. :)

I cannot believe how big my little Emilie is getting. She will be five in May, just two weeks before Joey turns two. I saw her born. I held her little 4 lb 8 oz little body and prayed for her. I kissed those sweet little cheeks and I nuzzled that soft little neck. Now... she is such a smart and precocious little girl. :) She can count change from a $20 bill. She can count to 20 in Spanish. She taught herself how to tie a shoe in a thirty minute time slot. When it came to brains... this little punkin got her lions share. :)

I attribute it to good genes and great parenting. :)
I miss you buggy boo!

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