Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day and it's MAGIC

Happy Valentines Day. Today was such a nice day... I got flowers yesterday from my gorgeous son. :) Jason and I had agreed that we weren't going to get each other presents because we went to see Mystere in Vegas. :) I should have known that my romantical husband would do something. I am such a bad wife. :( But I am enjoying my flowers. :)

I did let him sleep in this morning though... :-D Joe and I had a good night and woke up this morning around 6:15 to play and watch the wiggles. He had juice... I had coffee... he played... I facebooked... what more can a mama ask for? :)

When Jason awoke... Joe decided it was nap time. SOOOO he and I went in and took a nap and while we were snoozing, Jason went to get donuts. What a great hubby. :) And there is nothing quite like the small comforting sounds of a baby sleeping on your chest. The small puffs on your neck as he slumbers on. It's a small slice of heaven I tell you.

Then I went and got my toes and nails done. When I got home, we packed up and headed to the Dallas Museum of Nature and Science that has a childrens musuem. We had such fun. Joe got to play on the firetruck and with leggos but the BEST part was this section that had a water table. There were little shawls that you could put on them but Joe was having NO Part of it. So we stripped off his sweater and let him go at it. He splashed and played and called BOAT to his little hearts content. It was GREAT. We finally moved onto the farmers section and the "in your backyard" sections. The farmer part had an area to "plant" foods and then harvest them. Joe was MUCH better at harvesting. HA!

In the backyard there was a big anthill... or really just a big mountain you can climb through and pretend you are an ant. I had to show Joe the way... which I am sure was funny to other parents... but it worked and he had a ball.

He did NOT want to get back in his stroller though to come home... alas we wanted to get an early dinner in before the crowds got crazy.

We tried Outback but there was an hour wait at 4:40 pm... so we went with a hibachi place that had no wait (at the time) and it was perfect! We sat down with two other couples that had the good fortune of going out to dinner WITHOUT their bundles of joy... so I am sure they were overjoyed at us having brought ours... but... oh well. He did remarkably well. He was enthralled with the chef though. As you can see......

The funniest portion of the evening had to be the magic show though. :-D

Jason was trying to keep Joey entertained so as not to disturb the other diners... so he was taking his napkin and making it "disappear". Joe was loving it. So, after a few times... Joe took the same napkin and he, in fact, made it disappear. It was hysterical. He stuffed it under his sweater thinking none of us would know where it was. It was CLASSIC!

When we got home, Jason pulled out his magic stuff and Joe just sat there watching it and then trying to do it himself. Watch out James Cielen... we have a budding magician on our hands. :) Too cute.

It was a great valentines day and I can't think of ANY other way I would have wanted to spend it than with my two favorite men. :)

I hope you guys had a good one too.

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