Thursday, February 19, 2009

Daddy's are cute

I think that most daddy's are pretty cute... but I am a bit partial to mine.

Jason is heading to Matagorda this weekend (one of his once a month trips) and he has to drive through Houston to get his boat. So, daddy just called me and asked if I wanted to ride with him, spend the time with my family and then Jason could pick me back up on his way North.

This would have been a great plan about a month ago... cause that's when my dear friend Delia and I decided this was the perfect weekend for her to come for a visit. :) And might I add, I am so super duper excited. (insert... I'm a dork music here). We are going to visit... drink wine... visit some more... love on Joe... go for some walks (weather permitting)... cook... did I mention drink wine?... and just have some girly (plus Joe) time. I am so excited.

This is Dee, by the way! :)

But, had Dee decided she couldn't make it... I think it's just lovely that my Dad was thinking of me. And... that he sounded a bit disappointed that his idea wouldn't pan out. He really is my hero.

While Jay and I were in Vegas... Mom and Dad took care of Joey and the business. They got lots of good snuggle time. Not as much as Gammy did but nonetheless... he got some cuddles oh yeah... and some BOAT time. :)

And I think it's super cool that Joey is going to have a daddy just like him. One that one day he'll be talking about Jason in the same (well as a son would talk about a dad) kind of way. You should see how ADORABLE it is when Joe see his dad come home. He runs to the window and starts jumping up and down. It's truly too precious. I will see if I can get a video of it. :)

anyway... happy Thursday everyone. Tell me about your Daddy's. :)

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Delia said...

Cute pic of Joe eating the Oreos!