Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Need to update

I have been very remiss in writing... but I haven't had much to say or the time to say it. :) Last week, my parents came in right before the superbowl. YAY steelers, btw. :) We had a great and relaxing Sunday and watched the fantastic game... Mom taught Joe to say "GO GO GO" and with all of the yelling I wasn't sure we would ever get him to sleep. :)

Then on Tuesday, Jason and I left for Las Vegas. We were going to the World of Concrete. Last year the five of us... mom, dad, Jason, Joey and I... went. We had such fun, although we learned very quickly that Las Vegas is NOT the kid friendly place they tried to sell it as long ago.

So, this year, with a new business under our belt we can't just up and leave it... Mom and Dad came to watch the business AND the baby. Not sure which one we were more worried about. :-D Just kidding... am I? ;)

This was the first time we were going away together, alone, in quite a long time. MAN did I miss my little guy... but I will also say that it was GREAT to spend that time with Jason. We laughed, we ate, we held hands, we cuddled, we went and saw shows and worked. We walked and walked and walked and walked the World of Concrete... and we entertained some customers. We gambled a little bit... we lost... we even went down to Old Town Las Vegas. I loved the three dollar tables... lost there too but at least only lost twenty bucks.

I think my favorite place is the Parasol Down bar at the Wynn hotel. You sit outside and there are comfortable tables, heaters if you need them and a lake with a waterfall that every thirty minutes turns into a mini-show. there is a large frog that sings... a huge talking head that comes out of the water and my new favorite... two colored orbs that come out of the water and one is a girl and one is a boy. :) The boy chases the girl... the girl runs. The girl comes back... the boy turns around. They chase... and all of a sudden a baby orb pops out. :) It's all set to music and super cute.

But even during the day, this area is great. I could sit outside and have drinks and read a book all day... except for the fact that the drinks are hugely expensive. :)

And luckily, I got to meet one of Jason's old Lufkin friends. She is the Food and Beverage Manager at the Wynn and is absolutely delightful. I so enjoyed getting to know her. And she blessed us with tickets to see La Reve on Friday night. It's a cirque d' Soleil show and it's all in water. It is so different than "O" but equally spectactular.

I also had the chance to see my friend, Isabelle whom I had not seen for two years. I worked with she and her husband, James, on ships. Had the great fortune to see the two of them married. Now... she has two beautiful boys and gosh... it's just amazing to me the people that come and stay in your life. I know for certain, that I am better for her being my friend. :)

WE got to come home on Saturday and I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was to see my baby. To hear his little giggle and squeeze his baby fat and have him give me kisses. Awesome.

Now... real life. I learned a somewhat valuable lesson last night. Marriage is an ever evolving thing... and I guess this is why God knows what he is doing. He puts us opposites together to ... make us crazy... make us better... and teach us. Teach us to rely on others, to rely on their strengths and to strengthen their weaknesses.

When we are on vacation... we both go with the flow. When we are home... it's not so easy. It's great to know that I can be a bit more regimented ... working on this, I promise... and my dear husband can be a bit more "go with the flow". So... my love... if you are reading this... thank you for making me better and I love you very much. :)


Ingram Gang said...

I'm glad you had a few days to get away. I love the Wynn...it's incredible. But I am sad to say that I don't know about the bar you mentioned. Sounds like my kind of place. Maybe next time...

Chasity M said...

What is your new business? I must have missed that somewhere!

Jessatsea said...

Chasity... the same business that moved us up to Fort Worth... concrete additives. :) We put color into concrete and make it purty. ;) it's a branch of my parents company.