Thursday, March 26, 2009

Do you ever have those days?

or rather those weeks where you just plain don't have anything to say. I got nothing. There is a lot going on and very little all going on at the same time.

And every time I try to think of something to write about... I think... nope. I am just rather uninspired, I suppose. And to me, that's kind of sad.

I am doing a lot of thinking about how lucky and how blessed I am. As many are doing, we are all praying for Stellan who is fighting for his life at the young age of 4 month's. But I think about all of the amazing things this little angel has done. He has joined millions of people around the world together in prayer. How magnificent is THAT? And it seems to be working. God is hearing our prayers. Now, now is the time to pray that they find the right concoction of medicines to grant his little heart a reprieve from it's SVT rhythm which is plaguing him. And pray that his family continues to stay strong and healthy.

Every time I try to vear from this train of thought though, I am brought back. Which I suppose is why I am rather uninspired to write... and I can usually find something to talk about. But, quite moments are good too, right? Do you ever have those times where you just don't feel like talking? Don't feel like writing? Don't feel like communicating? I kind of just feel like "being". Soaking it all in. Listening.

Jason is leaving for Matagorda this weekend which will leave Joey and I alone at home. Mom was going to come up, and she may still... but it's looking less likely... and as much as I always want to see her... the alone time might be nice too. Time for Joe and I to just... be... together.

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Ingram Gang said...

I'm having one of those weeks also. It's nice to know that low-key, thoughtless weeks DO exist. And like you said, they always cause me to reflect and be thankful for a normal, quiet life.