Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patricks Day!

So... since Joe was home sick last week... (again)... I brought him upstairs while I went through his clothes. I sorted and decided which ones I could give to goodwill and which ones I might want to sell. :) And Jason took the opportunity to take a pic that I just thought was precious. :)

And we don't have many of our furbaby but this one of her clutching her ball... nuzzling it in fact was too cute to pass up. :)

And Friday was jammy day at Daycare. Joe was NOT all about jammy day. Poor little guy... but you do get a GREAT view of his teeth. :)

he did cheer up shortly after I left though. :) good thing, huh? Also pictured is (from above joe to right): Derek, Carter, Chase, Eliott and Alex. :)

I don't have any St. Patricks pictures... but it's St. Patricks Day and I'm writing. :) So... I hope that you have the luck of the irish today and all year long. :)

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