Monday, March 30, 2009

Ring around the Rosey and WARNING... naked baby!

So, as I might have mentioned... I was alone with Joey this weekend and he just had me laughing and laughing and laughing. :) I took these two video's... and thought I would share. Now, I have the duty to tell you that the second video is of him naked and dancing. So, if nakedness or dancing naked baby offends you... you might want to look away. :) But, I couldn't resist his little buddha belly and his cute little cheeks. :)

Now's your chance... break away NOW if you don't want to see cute little babyliciousness. It is a bit long and the cutest part is at the end... but I don't know how to edit. :-}

and we'll end on a super cute, post church peek a boo grin.


Genevieve said...

ok so isabelle and I were watching the naked video, and we have the same music table, but that's another story....but you asked if he wanted to take a bath, and before he could get out the first "no" Isabelle jumped up and yelled YES!!! and hightailed it to the tub.
so funny.
can't wait to put the two of them in the same room together in a few weeks.

Jessatsea said...

G... that is TOO funny! They will be adorable together. I plan on getting TONS of video. :)

kbarsch said...

AHHHH!!! Joe is tooo cute! I love the nakedness and think it's adorable--glad you two had some wonderful bonding time on a relaxing weekend--GOOD FOR YOU!