Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Reason, Season... lifetime

I know that many of you have heard of this... shoot, it's been emailed around and around and around and attached to a forward and I believe there might be a "if you don't forward this on, no one will like you anymore" attachment somewhere in there. ::::roll eyes::::

But, the whole premise behind it really is extremely poignant to me.

I moved a lot growing up. Like a LOT. Every three years we moved to somewhere different. I have lived in Akron, Ohio (okay... not really but was born there), Bethel Park, Pennsylvania... Peters Township, Pennsylvania... Bel Air, Maryland... Mt. Lebanon, Pennsylvania... Bucks County, Pennsylvania... Newark, Delaware... Stockton, New Jersey... West Chester, Pennsylvania... Newtown, Pennsylvania... and then Houston, TX.

Then, I went to work on ships for five years. For five years I traveled to parts unknown. I met new people. I met fun people. I met irritating people. I fell in love. I fell out of love. I thought I had fallen into crazy... (ha)... and that might be true. I experienced things that only the lucky get to ever experience. Now, I worked my butt off (okay... not really, it's still there in force) for that adventure but it was worth it. :) The people that came into my life for THAT *reason* changed my life. Some of them, I am happy to report are still here... making it a season or a lifetime ( lifetime option is yet to play out thank goodness).

When I got off of ships, I settled back in Houston and I wondered what my life would be. I wondered what this next phase would have in store for me. If you were to read my journal, and you won't, (ahem), you would see the uncertainty and the excitement brewing. I had gotten OFF ships for a reason and my next path, although uncertain, was waiting.

It was about six month's later that I met my husband and lots has transpired since. (bought first house, welcomed my niece into the world, quit one job, went to another, got married, got pregnant, bought second house, bought new company, bought third house and moved to Fort worth. Gosh, so much more has happened... but I think of the people that have been here along the way.

Many of them I owe to the internet. As I mentioned in the last post... what an awe inspiring thing this has turned out to be. These relationships have literally changed my reality into what it is today. They have made my "new season" worth it.

I don't really know where I was going with this... I guess I just got sappy this afternoon.

I spoke in the last post about my Houston friends and what they have meant/mean to me.

I was terrified when I moved up here that I wouldn't find the same kind of thing up here. Luckily the Nest has provided me with good friends... no, GREAT friends up here too. The internet has not let me down. My new circle of friends is uplifting, they inspire, they kick in the butt when you need it, they support, they pray... I think this is the most unusual and touching to me at the moment. THIS particular group of women are all very Christ centered. Not saying that my other friends aren't or are... but to find five such women all in the same stages is ... well unusual in my experience.

It is hard to explain to my husband why women friendships are so important. But, I think when you have moved as much as I have... it is THESE friendships that are sustaining. It in no way diminishes his role, I promise!

But, it is THESE women that have made this move easier... it is these women that have made it palatable... and have made it well... easier to come *home* after a wonderful weekend in houston.

So thank you for being my friend!


Meg said...

Awww, LOVE you girl!

Nikki said...

We're here for you, girl! :)

Susan said...

We are so grateful you came into out live also! Love You!

Jess said...

:) You are more wonderful than you know.