Friday, April 17, 2009

So stinkin tired... I am just not young like I used to be

So, last night I went to the Best and Hottest Products Event put on by Metroplex Baby and it was all the way up in Dallas. (for me it was an hour and fifteen minute ride each way)... and I had a blast. I was so excited as I had heard so much about it and it was worth it. I met some new ladies and all in all had a great time.

It was at a place called the Dream Cafe and although it was a bit too small for the event, a very nice little cafe. I got there early and met up with a few nesties and had a glass of wine while we waited. Actually... scratch that... I got there WAY early and got a pedicure (had a glass of wine) and then went and met up with the ladies and had another glass of wine. :-D

They let the VIP's in early and one other girl and I waited outside until 6:30 when they let us in. We met some other super cool ladies and decided to all sit together. And the way that it worked was cool. (Extra cool if you didn't splurge on the extra money for the VIP ticket because it really was a "game of chance"). When you got in and sat down. They called the VIP's up to choose a "flower pot" which had a boon spoon in it.

The boon spoon is a really cool spoon... it would be extra cool if I had a child that was still eating baby food. I might be able to use it for his yogurt though... or wine... wait, that's not right.

I got off point, didn't I?... Inside the boon spoon was a number. That number depicted when you got to go up and choose an item. They had over 100 items and 100 people. Items such as a crib. 4 Quinny Strollers, P'kolino book cart, reading seat, and fun seat.... Tubs, trikes, snoogles, diaper bags, Pedipeds, blankets and on and on and on.

I drew #24 which all in all was pretty good. and I won the fun seat which was what I wanted. :)

Actually I wanted a tricycle thingy or a duallie stroller but this was a super cool prize and I was happy with it. The food was good, the friendship was great and I really enjoyed myself. I think the funniest part of the evening was watching one of my new friends unscrew the tree house they won and try to fit it INTO a Toyota Highlander just like mine. It was realy a comedy of errors and I wish we had part of it on video.

Anyway... I got home about 10:30 and both hubby and son were asleep and I finished a few things up and crawled into bed myself. But I slept rather fitfully and Jason awoke at 4:30 to get ready to leave for Matagorda and I got up around 6 and Joe around 7 to get ready to go to work. It has been raining and thundering and lightening all day long. It's coolish and it would have been a perfect day to snuggle under the covers and read a book or watch a movie or shoot, watch stupid daytime television. :)

I really had a great time and it's a great group with so many fun events. I look forward to going to a few more. However, it has left me really sleepy. :) I cannot wait to get home, play with my kiddo, eat some dinner, put him to bed and snuggle in myself. I am so not 19 anymore. And I think I am happy about that! ;)

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Lawfrog said...

Oh tell me about it! I wish I had the energy I had when I was 20, but I wouldn't go back there for the world because I love being older, more mature (most of the time), and smarter (again, most of the time). :)