Saturday, April 18, 2009

I am gonna be on the Podium...

I am so excited. I mentioned a post or two back that I joined a site of blogaholics called "confessions of a blogoholic". It's a new blog that highlights other blogs that are fun to read. There really aren't any criteria... just a love of reading other peoples lives. :)

Well, they are doing a *thing* called the podium. They will feature one blog a week. I sent in an email and I guess I was first. So, good news. I will be featured from April 27th to May 1st... now the bad news. I have to say something worth reading... something interesting...

... something... interesting.....

there, I said it. HA! I'm such a comedienne. I have to say I am humbled (even though it's not a "chosen" thing so much as a "I was first" kind of thing)... and nervous.

When she notified me, she mentioned that i can direct them to some of my better posts. And I think it all depends on the moment. I am prone to moments of drivel. Shoot, most of it is drivel... but then again, one persons trash is another's treasure, no?

So, first of all ... welcome to my blog. Second... if you are interested in getting involved with Confessions of a Blogaholic... click on the red sofa to the right. :) Or just click here.

Probably the posts I am most proud of are the ones that involve Joe. As of course, he is my crowning achievement... which says a lot. I have done a lot of really neat things. (skydiving in New Zealand, anyone?) But being Joey's mom is by far the hardest and the most rewarding.

For my in real life friends... do you have any favorites?

On another note... I had such a great day! Joe and I awoke and had a somewhat lazy morning. While he played I decided to make these muffins that a friend (Dana) had told me about ages ago. It is super super easy... it is one can of pumpkin and one box of spice cake. That's it. Even my mother who does three ingredient meals could do that, right? :)

And as I was putting them into the muffin tin, I took a taste of the batter. Oh my goodness, I was transported instantly to Mabel G's in Skagway Alaska. We used to plan our day around making it to Mabel G's to pick up our cookies for the week. It was this little shop that had cool gifts and at the back was a counter that served coffee drinks and these cookies that would tantalize even the most distinguished of taste buds. they would come out of the oven and they would frost them. If you were lucky you would get a warm one. If you were unlucky, you would miss out all together.

My muffins were in no way the same as these cookies but they may have inspired me to work on the recipe. I now, must find the recipe for her cookies. It is not a want... it is a NEED. So, if anyone I know has been to Mabel G's in Skagway, Alaska... and remembers these cookies... help me show my family what a little slice of gastronomical delight is. K? :)

We eventually did hit the road and stopped by Hobby Lobby to pick up the "brownie pop" trays so that I can start trying them out and walked out with about fifteen gifts for my friend who collects flamingos... some yard art, some icing and a new orange lantern to put over my light in the family room. ($100 later)... we went to Old Navy to get Joe some shorts and walked out with four pairs of shorts, two pairs of jammies, two shirts and a pair of pants for me ($100 later) we went to Barnes and Noble where I had promised Joe he could play with the Choo Choo. He had a blast and I had a blast watching him. He met some new friends and it was just so fun to watch him.

Home for a nap and then back out to Costco and Kroger to pick up our staples for the week (and beyond) and I even planned out my recipes for the week. :) Go me! I am so super organized... Ha!

We played tonight, I made the brownie pops (yeah... good thing I am testing it, the first batch turned out horrible) ... I do have some pictures but will post them tomorrow. The second batch was much better thank goodness. :) Cause if they weren't... and don't get better, I may have to cheat and pay someone to make them. :-D

All in all a great day! :) And tomorrow I am looking forward to church and pictures in the blue bonnets. :) and we are going to our friend Susan's for a cook out.

sure hope Jason is having fun. :-D

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Nice to meet you, I'm here from Confessions.