Monday, April 27, 2009

Great weekend of friends, food and babies. :)

Again, welcome to the blogoholic readers. :) I hope you'll grab a glass of wine cup of coffee and stay awhile.

This weekend I traveled to Houston. I left on Thursday kid and husband free. :) I decided that it would just be too hard to co host a baby shower with a toddler in hand... not impossible but certainly not as easy. I also decided it gave me four days to sleep and it gave Jason four days to bond. :)

I had hair appointments, nails, reuniting with old friends, crablegs, cider, chinese buffet, coffee with friends... a chock full weekend. :)

Here are some pictures from the baby shower. I will do a seperate post on the adorable Isabelle! She DESERVES her own post! :)

The brownie Pops...they were gorgeous, Shannon!

In addition to a guest book we did onesies.

The guest of honor and the adorable Isabelle!

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Martha said...

Super cute pictures, what an adorable little girl. Thanks for sharing. Visiting from Confessions.