Friday, May 21, 2010

The Details

 Joe had his 3rd Birthday party last Saturday and it was a blast.  Thank GOODness the weather cooperated as it wasn't supposed to.  (for the second year in a row). 

What follows are some of the details.  :) All of the printed stuff (invitations, signs, thank you's) were made by "custom by meg". 

 We planned it at home because this was his birthday present and we wanted him to get to enjoy it.  

The cake was made by Monica Hall.  She wasn't happy with it but I thought it was fantastic.  
 Digging time and building time.  We used rice instead of sand which was 1) easier to clean up and 2) wouldn't hurt Joe's hand.  

 the goodie bags had a "dirt dessert" in them which was chocolate pudding with oreo cookies crumbled on top.  Then some gravel (otherwise known as puppy chow) and then a forklift cookie which was also made by Monica Hall.  

the outside food and "beverage" table.  Yes, we had adult beverages as well as water, capri suns, sprite, and of course a selection of milk etc.  The cava sangria was fantastic and came out of a Southern Living magazine. 


Joe got a new t-shirt for his party.  :)  
It was made by a seller on Ebay.  She was fast and inexpensive and wonderful. 

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