Saturday, May 22, 2010

The people

I put the details of Joe's party in another post.  This post is all about the people.  The people who made the party special.  The people that make our lives special.  :)  Although not everything was ready when the guests started arriving, it all went remarkably well and I think a good time was had by all.  :) 


 Peeky boo! 

the ever talented and wonderful Meghana sitting with Abby.  Joe doesn't look terribly happy but he had just woken up.  :) 

The Rice Table for digging. 

the cake before cutting and after all the grubby little fingers got to it.  :) 
the guilty parties. 

the band. 
pretty ladies
Scheri and my Joe Joe.
Coleman and Reagan...  swing swinging. 
 One tuckered out coop and one happy mamaw!
 the food we sent home with the houston family's.  :)  I didn't want it all in MY house.  Ha!

the houston family's who could come up and see me.  Soooo grateful that you guys came!  And for those that were absent, you were missed! <3

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