Thursday, May 13, 2010

Joe gets a forklift

Well most of you know that Joe loves forklifts.  He loves them so much so that he has his birthday party theme centered on forklifts (and building stuff).  :) 

About a month or two ago, mom found a pedal forklift online and HAD to have it for him.  She bought it and had it shipped up here.  It has been sitting in our warehouse for about a month or longer now and we have had to hide it from him.  Too funny.

Well the day has come, and his birthday party is on Saturday... so mom wanted to give it to him early.  We started out by getting him excited for it. 
"what is your favorite thing in all the world, Joe?" 
We then put a blanket over his head and said we're gonna surprise you! 
he would pull it off.  It was a game. 

When his daddy pulled in, we got serious about putting the blanket over his head.  We walked him around to the back of the car and...  revealed. 

He has since talked, dreamt and drooled over it.  Only problem is that Mamaw has to push him...  he can't or rather won't, pedal!  ha ha ha.  but man oh man, does he love his forklift.  :)

thank you mamaw and papaw! 

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Sarah said...

This is 100% the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. LOVE IT!