Friday, October 29, 2010

Light the Night Walk

About three years ago, my dear friend Crissy lost her dad to cancer.  I remember exactly where I was when she went to the hospital.  My best friend, Nicole has her nail shop around the corner from Crissy's house.  I was just leave Nicole's and was driving down the road, when Crissy (in her little mercedes) pulled up next to me and said she was on the way to see her dad.  :(  
Joe and I, Cindy and Reagan and a bunch of other friends attended the funeral.  My heart continues to break for her and her family as they miss her dad so much!  God does work in mysterious ways though... to this day I believe that Sarah was born three month's early to spend that time with her dad.  AND Jacob was born one year to the minute that her dad passed.  How is THAT for God's hands?  

anyway... last weekend was the Light the Night walk in honor of Leukemia and Lymphoma.  Scott and Cindy (and the kids), Delia and Cooper, mom and I (and Joe), and John walked with Crissy and her mom, Melody.  

Before the walk, they had all kinds of entertainment, music and characters wandering around. 

 this large flower entertained the kids with bubbles. 

 when they finally couldn't take it anymore, they got up (well Joe first) to check out the bubbles. 

 finally reagan
 there was excitement
 and laughter
 they danced to the band and ran back and forth until....

 Joe wandered off and i couldn't find him right away.  That put an end to THAT fun! 
 but they did see the Astro bunny
 We took a group picture just before the walk started which was when the sun went down. 
 and we could light our balloons. 
it was a 2 mile walk through the Woodlands and there were a LOT of people in support.  It was a great walk for a wonderful cause.  I'm so glad to have been invited to walk with Crissy and her mom!  
Love you!

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Crissy said...

You made me cry...Thanks again for participating in the walk!!