Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 2015

Last Friday was Joe's last day of Spring Break so I took off early and took the kids to the Houston rodeo.  We spent most of our time at the carnival but the kids had a blast.  And we even got to meet up with friends for the latter part.  :)
 The kids rode this little tilta whirl type thing and as you can see, LJ had a blast. 
 Some bumper cars
 A carnival isn't complete without a merry go round and LJ got to ride ALL by herself!
 We rode the ferris wheel. 
 I need longer arms.  :-)
The kids and me & Gabby and LJ
This is the Kite Flyer
 Chris has a sheep named after him... hahahahah

 and no rodeo can be complete without a little mutton bustin.... This is Joe's second year doing this and he did so well. 
The rodeo is definitely not a cheap day's entertainment but the kids and I had a great time.  Next year I will get the "1/2 price rodeo" package that the school offered in the beginning.  I would also go see all of the animals first before going out to the rides.  :-) 

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Dana said...

looks like they had a blast!

and your selfie predicament had me lol! you need a selfie stick for your trex arms ;p