Sunday, August 3, 2008

I am officially a Fort Worth-ian

Mom and I have been packing for what feels like forever.  Loading up a 2900 square foot house with a toddler is a daunting task and I could NOT have done it without the army that helped me.  Namely, my mom!  She is a tough task master but she gets it done!  Then the huge generosity of all of my friends who came over and took turns watching Joey while we packed.  They are all amazing in spirit, friendship and I just don't know what I would do without them!  

Tuesday night, the night before our moving truck came, our door became somewhat revolving.  People came over to say goodbye..  some brought their kids and helped and some just came to help.  It was such a fun evening with pizza, wine, packing tape and baby giggles.  I think we got the house set and us to bed around midnight.  

Wednesday Morning, I took Mr. Joe to daycare and came home to our truck and the games began.  Our movers were fantastic...  they really went above and beyond , I was so impressed.  It took the greater part of the day but finally about 3:30 ish, they were done and my house was empty.  

I picked Joey up at daycare around 3 and they had gotten him a going away present and had given me a picture book.  They had taken pictures of each of them with Joe and their kindness...  well, it reduced me to tears.  (Now there's a shock!).  

Mom and I packed up the cats and said goodbye to daddy, Richard, Lyndia and Kiki and headed North to Fort Worth.  We stayed in a hotel Wednesday night and arrived at our new house bright and early Thursday morning.  As soon as I walked into my house...  it's just ...  MY house.  :)  

Don't mind the big ole mattress box in the front yard.  :)  They left it outside until last as it is so heavy...  I think they almost forgot it til I said... hey, Raul...  is that my bed outside?  :)  

Now, unfortunately, we had to leave all of our doors open because they were in and out, of course... and we had to turn off the AC so that we didn't freeze up the unit.  AND of course, we don't move in December... NOOOOOO... we move during Fort Worths first heat wave where temperatures are clearing well over 100 and heat index's of 111.  EEGADS.  I never thought we would get the house cool again!  Poor Joey... 
He put up with so much!  He let me lug and tote him...  hug and snuggle him...  feed him in his carseat and then this!!!  He even endured most of the move...  a nap in the stroller and constantly hearing me say... "no no, Joey you can't go in there!  No... Joe NO!...  do NOT crawl into the fireplace...  oops...  No, not that box!"  

The guys finally left around 3 on Thursday.  

Mom and I attacked my house then!  :)  We got a good start on the kitchen and Jason came home.  His mom came into town on Friday to watch Joey while we unpacked and she was a Godsend!!!  We got so much done, it was unbelievable.  The only room I managed to get a picture of though was the kitchen.  Don't mind the box fan...  it's hot work unpacking.  

So... in three days, we have the kitchen done.  The master mostly done.  The baby's room done (except for pictures) and the den sort of done.  :)  We still need a desk, a bar, and to undo the dining room.  We are slowly but surely getting there.  

Today, Mom and I went to the container Store and MAN is that store fun!!!  I was like a raccoon with shiny objects!  I love organization!  I don't use it very often but I love it!  :)  We also hit up Kirkland Home, Pier One, Walmart with lunch and a kids cut thrown in for good measure.  

I take Joey to his new daycare tomorrow and I am heading off to work.  Mom will have a day at the house and will probably continue to work.  (Her choice, I assure you!).  

I guess this will start to feel like my home, right?  It just feels like I am visiting but with my stuff.  I miss my friends.  :(  

And totally unrelated...  just had to include some more Joe pics...  here he has found the pantry but most importantly... he has found the PUB MIX!  :) 


Ingram Gang said...

Congrats on the move! You're one busy bee.
I love the Container Store too!!!

Lawfrog said...

Wow, you have been crazy busy! Moving is always that way. I love the exterior and kitchen shots of your new place, I can't wait to see more.

I too ADORE The Container Store. It's my favorite.

Davenports said...

your new house is beautiful.

I love the container store. Its heaven.