Tuesday, August 19, 2008

All about Frankie Blue Eyes

I have more pictures of him... but I have to find them.  Here are just a couple.  
RIP my dear sweet furbaby!  08-19-08
You chose me as your people and you loved me best!

Frankie found me while I worked at MarineMax.  It was about four years ago and I was inside when one of the guys I worked with called into me near closing time.  JESSICAAAAAAAAAAAA...  I came outside and there was this furball.  He meowed at me, rolled over exposing his belly and started purring.  He followed me around the marina and then inside.  He continued to meow.  

I picked him up and found some tags.  It had a number but no name.  I called the vet clinic on his tags and they were closed but referred me to an emergency clinic.  

I begrudgingly took him in, (I had fallen in love with him instantly)...  but made sure to take a picture of him first.  Just in case.  ;)  

I kept in touch with the emergency clinic and then with the original clinic for two weeks while they tried, without success, to find his owners.  After two weeks, they called me.  He was mine, if I wanted him.  If I didn't... there was a list of people who did.  

I quickly scooped him up and took him home.  He was gorgeous.  His bright blue eyes pierced mine.  He practically climbed inside my skin to get closer.  He hugged me, he nuzzled me and he licked my forehead.  

He slept on my head every night and if he wasn't on my head, he was on top of me with his paw on my forehead.  He always let me know he loved me.  

He did have his spiteful side to him though... and he REALLY wanted outside.  He was a wanderer and I was always afraid that he would wander away and I would lose him like his first owners.  I never took that chance, although I thought about it about the 600th time he pee'd on my couch.  My second couch that I replaced the first one he had pee'd on.... with.  

He had a bit of an attitude...  and he would walk around aimlessy meowing.. so I got him a playmate.  Sammy... my grey wonder.  She is the skitziest cat...  she runs, she hides and she's not real bright.  I am afraid that inbreeding might have gotten the best of her little brain cells.  :)  But she was Frankie's playmate.  They snuzzled.  They romped.  They wrestled and they played.  Oh yeah... and occasionally they fought.  But they were pals.  

It wasn't until awhile later that he pee'd on my couch the first time.  I hated that about him.  And he was relentless.  He also liked my down comforter...  those were his favorite spots.  Occasionally he would wait until just the right moment to let it go...  but bless him...  I know he didn't mean to be persnickety.  He didn't mean to be difficult.  He was just trying to let me know that he was not liking something that I did.  I mean... how else is a cat supposed to let a stupid human know?  d'uh!

he was also known to sneak out of the house.  I have two such stories.  One time, Jason and I got home from being at the boat and just as I pulled in... I saw a grey streak and then a brown streak.  I quickly jumped out of the car while Jason and I yelled... that was Frankie!  That was Sammy!  

We run into the house and both of them are sitting on the couch looking at us like...  what?  What did we do?  They had literally snuck out for a romp and tried to sneak back in before they got caught. We had accidentally left the door open.  Bad little children! 

The other was while we were moving from Deer Park to Jersey Village.  The bathroom window was open, unbeknownst to me, and I locked Frankie in there so that he wouldn't escape.  
I was working in the kitchen and Jason was in the garage when all of a sudden Jason came running in... "Frankie's out!"  I immediately run outside and start combing the street  yelling his name.  I can't find him anywhere.  The neighbors start helping me.... calling out to him.  Nothing. I start to panic that I am going to have to move and not have my Frankie! 

All of a sudden Jason comes out and tells me that he's INSIDE the house.  Huh?  Apparently, he snuck out again... through the bathroom window, made it around the side of the garage and saw Jason... he high tailed it back through the bathroom window so that he wouldn't get caught the sneaky little bugger.  :)  And who says cats aren't smart?  

Sigh.  I see him everywhere.  I see him on my kitchen table (I know... gross to non cat owners, normal to those that do have them).  I see him on my couch. I see him on my bed.  I see him in my bathroom.  He always greeted me and he loved me no matter what mood I was in.  He slept on the baby changing pad.  He snuggled in Joe's bed, or tried to.  I would always kick him out. He would always go to my mother in law, even though she was madly allergic to him.  He would sidle up to my grandfather or whomever was on the couch.  He was a bit of a snuggle whore to anyone who would pay him any mind.  Even to those that wouldn't.   But, no matter what, he always knew that I loved him.  At least, I hope he did.  


JessicaandColton said...

Awh. I am so sorry. Frankie was BEAUTIFUL.
Jessica (from thenest)

Nikki said...

Ahhh he was a beauty! And so full of personality. I had to choke back the tears as I was choking on my salad. ;) I'm so sorry for your loss. (((HUGS)))