Thursday, August 21, 2008

How is it possible

that my darling husband can make so much noise in the kitchen?  I just don't get it.  

I have had the baby to sleep for a whopping twenty  minutes and he is making so much noise that he could quite possibly... wake Frankie!  Sorry... bad joke!  

::: with a roll of the eyes and a tap of the fingers:::: new subject.  :) 

I really don't have much to say tonight... I am better.  Life has a way of going on, life has a way of ... being okay.  I think when you lose a pet or you lose a family member even... you kind of expect the world to stop around you and kind of expect that you get concessions for your loss.  

Nope.  Grieving is for the living... it's not for the departed.  What a lousy thing to say to someone who is grieving but... c'mon... those that have passed on, well at least in my views, are in a wonderful place.  I see Frankie as frolicking through fields, finally free of the chains of the house I wouldn't let him out of.  

He can fish.  He can traipse.  He can covort.  He can even pee on things.  :)  He might miss me...  I hope that he does but I also hope he quickly forgets as he lays down for a slumber in the sunshine.  

Grieving is for the living...  :)  

I hope everyone is having a nice week... cannot BELIEVE that tomorrow is Friday already... where did THIS week go?  

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