Sunday, August 31, 2008

Random Ramblings

So, the weekend of August 16th, we went to Houston... and this car is in my parents backyard...  Joe climbed right in like it was his car...  shut the door and was off and running.  :) 

Jason's Mother and sister came to town last week and took Joey and Jackson to the zoo.  They had such a great time... and as you can see, wore Joey plain out!  What a precious moment caught on camera! 

They had rented a stroller and I just can't resist this little happy face...  that night, Erin, Bobbie and Jack came over for dinner and we had such a nice visit...  and as you can see... Joey had catsup with a side of chicken for dinner.  ;)  Again... good times!  We hosed him off and let him run with his cousin.  

We were supposed to go to Houston this weekend and go out on the boat with some friends and my parents... but with Hurricane Gustov looming we didn't want to get caught in Houston with everyone else evacuating North... and us just trying to get home.  The last time we did that with Rita...  it took us eighteen hours to go to Lufkin... and for those not from Texas, that usually takes oh.. two and a half hours.  EEGADS!  With three cars, two cats and my niece.  Oh yeah and a dog.  ;)  So... we didn't want a repeat performance.  So, we stayed in Fort Worth.  

It's been a good weekend, we even made it to a new church today.  We won't be returning to this one though.  It was  presbyterian church which is great because that's what I grew up with... but Jason says.. "I'm a Methodist!"... I told him they are very similar.  Well, this wasn't quite like any Presbyterian church I had ever gone to and the minister went on and on and on and on and on and on and on...  and on.  After an hour and a half service... we left right before the benediction and picked up Joe and went to lunch.  Sigh...  I'll find my home church.  :)  Just have to try a few out.  :)  

Now... Poodle toots is taking a nap and when he wakes up, maybe we'll go swimming.  :)  A great labor day weekend, just wish we could have seen our family and friends too!  


Ingram Gang said...

The picture of him in the car is too cute.
I think he needs one like that when he turns 16!

Ingram Gang said...

My husband was on staff at Fellowship Church. It's actually in Grapevine (might be bit of a drive from you) right off 121 across from Grapevine Mills Mall. It's a great church though. Big, but great.

I do know several people who have gone to or go to churches closer to you. If you need any input, let me know!