Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Birthday my Dear Husband

My wonderful husband is turning 37 today.  Or rather, he has turned 37 and I wanted him to know 37 reasons why I love him so much.  

37.  You are a wonderful husband. 
36.  Your kind
35. You are funny.
34.  You are fun.
33.  Your devotion to family.  
32.  The way you love my family.
31.  You produce beautiful children. 
30.  Your work ethic.
29.  You always put us first. 
28. You 100% believe that this next fishing trip you will catch so many fish that you won't be able to bring them all home. 
27.  You are an amazing fish blackener. 
26.  You are a master at cooking steaks on the grill.  
25.  Your dedication to your friends. 
24.  The way you attack new tasks. 
23.  You always make lists so that everything gets done.  
22.  The way you have taken to this new business venture of ours. 
21.  Your love of animals.
20.  Your ability to train dogs and have them eating out of your hand literally.
19.  When someone needs you, you are there, no matter what!
18.  When I need you, there is no where else you will be.
17.  When my kitty got sick, there was no amount of money you wouldn't spend to make him better, even though you wanted to wear him as a hat.  
16.  You exaggerate stories just like me for comedic value. 
15.  Just because.  
14.  My dreams are your dreams and you always support them!
13.  If there is something that I want, you do whatever is necessary to help me get it. 
12.  Your forgive me when I am not always so ...  helpful.  
11.  Your love of boating. 
10.  You buying into my parents dreams and never making them feel less important.  
9.  You tolerating my extreme closeness with them and even... sometimes... enjoying it.  
8.  Your steadfast loyalty! 
7.  The way you love our son. 
6.  You are a wonderful father.
5.  You don't put up with my bullshit. 
4.  You always tell me you love me, admit when you're wrong, (even when you're not), and only occasionally tell me "I told you so!"
3.  The trips we have taken and the trips we will take. 
2.  You are my rock. 
1.  Because I love you to the moon and back.  

Happy birthday my dear sweet husband.  I hope this next year is even better!

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