Sunday, September 21, 2008

Sarah and Joey sittin in a tree... K.I.S.S.I.N.G

As many of you know, some of my dear friends came up before the storm to "ride it out".  They weren't so worried about the storm itself, but rather the loss of power afterwards.  Good thing too, since they didn't get their power back on for a solid week.  Crissy, my friend, has an eight week old and then a daughter who is Joey's age (well a bit older but who's counting).  

We had such fun (except we missed our other dear friend Cindy and her daughter Reagan).  The kids played so well together I took a video of their first bath together but I can't get the darn thing to upload.  Grrrr.  
So... here are some other piccies from their visit.  More to come.  

Crissy flew her mom up yesterday so that she could ride back home with them today.  I am sad.  It is so quiet around the house.  
Jason is on his way home from Lufkin with Joey... so I have the entire house to myself.  I hate it.  Although, I have gotten the floors swept, the refrigerator cleared out, the office put together... and now I am about to go and watch mindless television.  :)  

Did I tell ya'll that Jason had totaled his car?  Yep.  He was driving home from fishing (told you it was detrimental to his health)... and he hydroplaned, hit the median, crossed four lanes of traffic, down an embankment, up and embankment, across two feeder lanes, across another embankment, through a metal fence, across another lane and into a parking lot where he hit a parked car.  Did I mention that this was all backwards??? Did I also mention, I was on the phone with him the entire time it was happening?  SCARY!  

So...  he got a new car.  He is so excited!  :)  It might have been the downfall of our marriage if the car search had gone on much longer... as we don't do big purchases together very well.  Too many chiefs anyone?  :)  

But, we survived and he is as excited as a kid in the candy store.  :)  I am so excited for him.

My family is all getting back to normal except they still have some evacuees at their house.  They were down at their boat this weekend and it's in fine shape, except for some water that crept in when the door blew open.  The pier doesn't have any water though so when the water in their holding tank is gone... it's gone for now.  But the boat is okay!  

I hope that you guys in Houston are doing okay and getting it all cleaned up.  I am thinking about you daily!  :) 

love and hugs from Fort Worth! 


Lisa said...

OMG HOW SCARY!!! I can't believe you were on the phone with him. I would have freaked! I'm glad to know he is ok and I DO LOVE HIS NEW RIDE!
Have a wonderful week!

Ingram Gang said...

Wow! So glad he is okay, that could have been bad. Nice new ride and cute pictures.