Monday, September 15, 2008

Ike kicked Houston's ARSE end.... but they survived to tell the tale!

One Galveston resident doesn't want his car to float away.  :-D

Well...  it's bad.  But everyone that I know is okay, thank God.  There has been some roof damage.  There has been a lot of fence damage.  There has been some flooding (where we are) but nothing that bad and everyone is safe!  That is what's important.  They were without power for about 48 hours and just got their running water going again but the clean up is beginning.  
It's amazing.  After Katrina and Rita, I will say that the evacuation process went amazingly smooth...  all things considered.  Those that did evacuate are safe.  However, the destruction is amazing... absolutely breathtaking.  My parents boarded up their windows and lost power about 3:00 in the morning...  when Ike made landfall at 2:10 am.  They said that the gusty winds were amazing.  It howled and buffeted their house.  My inlaws in Lufkin said that it was scary.  Trees were going down, limbs were falling and power was out across East Texas.  
Now, Gas is skyrocketing and grocery lines are long... like out the door to the main streets long.  They are ringing people up by calculator.  Patience is running thin and people are scared.  Power is gradually being restored around Houston but Galveston is almost a complete loss.  I am sure that many of you have seen the national news pictures... and I am not sure that I can provide you any new pics that you haven't seen...  as I am not there, thank goodness.  
We, up here in Fort Worth, are doing great. We have some friends that came up to avoid the loss of power.  They have an eight week old and a 17 month old.  To be without power would be very very hard.  And, to tell you the truth, I have loved every single second of it.  I am quite sure that Crissy and I may have been separated at birth....  from our color coordinated closets to peanut butter on our waffles... exact same car and identical inchbug name labels for our sippy cups...  it's been delightful.  Joey and Sarah are having a blast!  I fully intend to show the videos at their rehearsal dinner.  :-D  When I get it downloaded, I will be sure and include it on here.  :)  They are so cute together...  Sarah can show Joey new tricks and Joey is showing her some of his favorite unsavory characteristics.  ugh!  He is also learning that what's his is hers and what's hers is hers...  good first lesson to learn.  ;)  
Anyway...  things are good.  The family is safe. The friends are safe.  They all have roof's over their heads and even Dad's boat is safe.  Thank you for your prayers and thoughts.  If you could keep them going for awhile, it would still be appreciated. :) 

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