Tuesday, September 9, 2008

more about blah blah blah....

such a happy boy!  :)  

I don't have a lot to say lately... thus why there hasn't been any posts.  I just don't have much to say.  Is that writers block?  Boredom setting in?  Just nothing to report.  

I have met some new friends.  :)  Friends make a new area much better...  I had a great dinner at a restaurant called Uncle Julio's... some margarita's... good food.  I really enjoyed myself.  I may even get to see them again!  GASP!  ;)

Tonight I got to meet another nestie...  and had sushi and sake.  Two of my favoritist things in the whole wide world...  I got home and Jason had had a good night with poodle toots.  Life is good.  

I am keeping my eye on Ike... I will say that I don't miss having to worry about hurricanes... although I still have to worry about my friends and my family.  My dad is, I am sure, worrying about his boat...  he has double and triple tied everything...  taken canvas down...  etc etc etc.  :)  

Now, I only have to worry about tornadoes...  but for now, there is enough other stuff to worry about.  

Good times... good times.  :) 

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Delia said...

Aw, he looks so big!