Tuesday, September 30, 2008

If I can just make it to..........

I started to type out this whole thing and my darned formatting keeps screwing up.  This is all just recent and it's annoying me.  I think I am just "annoy-able" lately.  

I keep saying... if I can just make it to October, I will be fine.  If I can just make it to November I will okay!  If I just make it to January...  and I suppose that we all say that to a degree.  In fact, my  mom was going to name her new blog that.  But I think she is going to go with "No time for Nancy"... wonder where I get it from?  I guess it seems that I do all things half assed since I am too busy trying to do too many things.  

Anyway... so, we now have every single weekend in October filled up and all of it for fun stuff but I think all of the fun stuff is going to kill me.  Do you ever feel that way?  

So, the above pictures were taken at Sears this past weekend.  Mom and Dad came up and Dad played with Jason and Mom and I went to a "just between friends" sale.  We had so much fun and found the cow costume for $3.25.  Can beat that!  :)  So, we decided to go ahead and take some pictures of him and he cooperated beautifully!  He was in such good spirits!  

Now, if he could take those good spirits and continue with them through the night when his teeth seem to be hurting him.  He stands up and says... MOOOOOOMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE continuously until I go and retrieve him.  He's so cute!  I just want to smoosh him! 

so...  do you guys ever over extend yourselves?


Ingram Gang said...

I'm battling that right now. I am doing a really great study about just this called When Wallflowers Dance by Angela Thomas. There is a workbook/journal and a chapter book.
I know, I know...when you are busy the last thing you need is to add another book to your plate, but it is good. It's helped me gain some much-needed perspective.

Meg said...

CUTE pictures!!!

Delia said...

OMG I'm so sad! Joey looks so OLD in those photos. :( Tell him that Aunt Dee misses him.