Monday, April 26, 2010


Jason has been so good about not going to the island all the time lately!  We've really had some great family time and I have enjoyed it so much.  

But this weekend, he went to the island with some clients and I think they have had a great time.  But that left me and Mr. Joe all by ourselves.  Which is nice every now and then.  

Well, my friend who lives right down the street has a little boy who is in Joe's daycare class.  They are buddies.  And her husband travels during the week and is usually home on weekends but this weekend he had to stay at work.  So, we basically spent the weekend together.  

Saturday after nap time we took a late afternoon trip to the train at trinity park.  
when the boys got out of the car, the only way we could keep them from running off was to tell them to hold hands.  

then trying to get a good picture of both of them was impossible! 

goofy boys!  
Got a cute one of Hayden's younger brother Pryce.  
we rode the train to Trinity Park and back.  The boys were so cute sitting next to each other.  Again... tried to get them to look at me, to no avail!  

k... Joe, give Hayden a hug!  HA ha ha ha.  Hayden's response... "get OFF of me"... ha ha ha
Miss Scheri and Pryce

A great time to be had by all.  
The best part?  We went to Joe's Crab Shack for dinner and sat outside.  The boys could run and play on the playscape and we could sit and have a glass of wine.  We could still see them and make sure they were ok.  I do wish they had had a lock on the swing door, but we made sure that no one escaped.  ha!  and the crab legs were stupendous!!!  :-)  

thanks Scheri for a great weekend! 

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