Monday, April 26, 2010

Joe Swimming 2010

Last year in November, I took Joe to swim class with Miss Kristina.  Joe did so well and I continued to work with him.  This year when they sent out an email that we could do swim lessons again... I jumped at the chance to refresh his memory.

I cannot sing the praises of mr. Bobby and Miss Kristina enough!  They have my baby swimming like never before.  He can hold his breath for about 15 seconds and is learning the freestyle stroke (although his little brain has a hard time processing that with his fine motor skills but he's getting there).  He also worked on his floating... float to tummy, kick kick kick, then back to float.  This way if he gets tired he can always flip over and float.  YAY!

enjoy his little video.  :)

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macfamilytx said...

Little fishy!!! Now you need a pool : )