Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Houston Zoo with Emi and Mackenzie

So last week, Joe and I went down to houston so that Emilie and Joe could get some quality time together.  
They played so well together... and really, it's a great thing that Joe doesn't mind bossy cousins.  Ha! 

The first night they took a bath together.
Thursday they had the chance to just play at the house.  It worked out perfectly...  it really gave them a chance to just be.  That afternoon, Emilie went with her mama and "aunt" sandy to pick up Mackenzie from her school.  They took some pictures in the blue bonnets and went on to chuck e cheese.  Joe and I got to go see our friends Crissy and Sarah and Jacob.  Joe and Sarah were both very "hold me"  "hold me" ugh!  double UGH!  

Friday, we went to the Houston zoo and the kids all had such fun!  and I, of course, loved taking pictures.  

Emi and Mackenzie ... BFF's

This bird was a piggy bank.. or rather a birdy bank.  The kids got a kick out of peering in it's mouth. 

Pretty Mackenzie
the kids had such fun running and posing. 

Sitting in a birds nest and of course, a GIGI. 

The petting zoo was fun for the girls.  Joe would have rather just climbed. 

And NO zoo trip is complete without a ride on the train.  

We finished off the day with lunch at Niko Nikos which was fantastic! yummy nummy greek food.  Although it might have talked back to me over and over and over again... oh the garlic!  :)  but worth it!  :)  

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kbarsch said...

I love the zoo--once again, you got some great shots. That Joe is one handsome devil!