Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Houston Fun.... backyard, Easter, partying it up at Harmony's

Smiley Jacob
Emi and Joe opening Aunt Cole's easter presents. 
Joe swinging and beautiful Lila

the fabulous Shannon O'dear made this!  Isn't she talented?
Starlette Sarah...  and the three muskateers eating Ice and spitting it back!  HA!

Beautiful Eileen.
Eileen and Oliver sittin in a tree... K I S S I N G

The birthday boy and three more muskateers
two beautiful blue eyed boys
MY beautiful blue eyed boy!


kbarsch said...

Love the pictures--they are great!
Even better was that I got to see you (=

cMe said...

Hey, you're going to do great on your 5K, especially since you're already running 3 miles all the time. Is it the Rise & Shine 5k in a couple of weeks? I ran that last year and am going to try to do it again this year. It's a fun one, pretty easy too.