Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm a runner

Now if you knew me at all in the past...  you would know that if I was running, it was to something or away from something.  HA!

Part of it was because I was a smoker.  blech!  

I quit four years ago when I got pregnant with Joe...  and there are still a few times that I miss it.  But, I don't miss being a slave to the damn cigarette.  You don't have to worry about restaurants allowing smoking... where you sit... what purse you carry... do you have enough to get you through the night... so on and so forth. 

Then there was the fact that I faked being "in shape".  I mean, how can you really be in shape when you are polluting your body with cigarette smoke? 

so...  I had Joe in 2007 and quickly got back to my pre-pregnancy weight however NOTHING was where I left it. 

And many of you know that I did bootcamp.  Faithfully.  And little to no results, really. 

Well, about February...  something came over me.  Not sure what and not even sure how.  But, I strapped on my runnin shoes...
 and hit the pavement and the treadmill and more of the pavement...  and started running. 

Now, it has been two and a half month's and....

I have now completed my first 5k marathon and I did it in 31 minutes 45 seconds.  This may not be an accomplishment to you... but to me...  this is HUGE! 

I had so much fun.  I did it with Jason and my sister and brother in law.  It was crowded.  It was crazy.  it was raining.  It was FUN! 

Before it all started, we were hanging out in a tent waiting for the band of rain to pass and a young woman had already finished the 10k and was about to run the 5k for fun.  :)  ha!  But she made me laugh!  Her comment was...

"I just got to the start and ran like a Kenyan!"

HAAAAAA!  ha ha ha ha ha. 

So, we got behind everyone else (mistake number 1) and got ready for it to begin.  The horn sounded and it actually took us four minutes to get to the starting line.  Then we had to dodge and swing around all of the walkers. 

They ran us through the zoo (mistake number 2) and people were looking at all of the animals and oohing and aahing.  :)  Which was great but those of us that actually wanted to run had to struggle a bit here. 

I finally saw my opening and made a break for it.  The hole closed behind me which meant that the other three didn't get through but at that point... I"m shorter than them... every man for himself!  HA!

I crossed the line and then waited for the rest of the gang.  WHAT a rush!

We did it!  We ran the whole thing and did it in good time.  It was soooo super exciting and we are gonna do it again in two weeks in Nacogdoches.  I can't wait! 


Meg said...

That is awesome! Great time, and running fits you well!

macfamilytx said...

I'm so proud of you!

Delia said...

Yay!!! So proud of you. Especially for beating Jason. :-)

kbarsch said...

Congrats!!! Have you been keeping this a secret because I don't remember hearing you were running--that is wonderful and I am SOOO proud of you!!! GO JESS!

Dana said...

that's a great time! congrats