Friday, April 23, 2010

A Boy and his Guitar

So you may remember me mentioning that my boy loves music!  He has several "electric guitars" at home and he regularly plays them with Jason.  However, weekend before last, we went over to Meg and Jeff's house for dinner.  Their daughter, Shelby, has a pink princess guitar. 

It was INSTANT love.  Joe lugged that thing around ALL night.  
enter states exhibit...  

He played to Ryan in the yard.  

Hey played by himself.  

He carried it in the jeep.

and stored it in the back while he drove.  

He serenaded us all night long.  
So much so that the next day.....  

we bought him his very own! 
Not exactly like this but close.  

He has not put it down since...  unless he is playing with his forklift, of course.  

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