Thursday, January 20, 2011


I'm sitting in my seat 8a on my southwest flight, winging us to las Vegas for world of concrete.

I'm getting to see a big part of my past today, my dear friend Isabelle. I don't get to see her often but time stands still and we pick up where we left. Our lives have changed 1000 times over. For her, 2 kids, married to a magician and traveling is still very much her reality. For me, one child, one on the way. Traveling exists in vacations, business trips and memories. but our friendship.... It's timeless.

And really.... I look at the friends I've made from my ship days and it may only be through facebook or possibly traveling to each others weddings. But not only are the memories of our adventures spectacular....But I know in my heart, you'd not only bail me out of jail but you would be sitting next to me saying "what a ride!!!".

Then I'm sitting here killing time until we land in el paso to pick up more passengers. (this is southwest after all.... Free bags but will pick people up in any ole pasture along the way.). And I got to looking through my pictures on my phone.

Joe when he was itty bitty. His smile lit up a room even then. And his giggle. Oh my. His laugh. It will continue to entertain for years, I just know it. Makes me wonder what Jocelyn is going to be like. Will she look like her daddy or me? Will she be like her big brother? Like her brother....She will be 100% Jocelyn. :-)

Pictures of my family who have always been my rock. My husband, my parents, my sister. Each one of them are a part of who I am. The good, the bad, the ugly. :-). Their willingness and really their duty (in their minds) to be there for me, for us, for each other. No better role models. (except for the few warts we all overlook. ;-).

My hubby. I look at the pictures that I have from when we first met. So young, so fresh. The world was (and still is) our oyster. Whether you think so or not.... You have taught me bunches (see, I DO listen) and I've even adopted SOME of it. ;-). But the past six years would not have been nearly so fun (or entertaining) without you by my side and always supporting me. (well most of the time.). ;-)

I see pictures of my half marathon which, for me, symbolizes so much. Not just a race. A milestone. An ex smoker who's idea of running involved being chased or 'running' to bingo. I tried when I worked on ships but I wasn't dedicated to it. It was a thing to pass the time. It looked cool. My marathon meant I could do it. I could do anything.

But not without my family mentioned before....

And my friends. I think of how most of you came into my world. Crissy, Cindy, Viula, Kelly, Delia, Amber, Shannon, so many more.... On the Internet. You were my Internet friends but now.... Now.... You are my lifeline to reality, to support, to my liver, ahem, to my heart. You bring me down to earth when I need a little honesty (ok, telling me my ass is fluffy does NOT count). You give me the buoying just when I need it.

Danielle (and Todd).... You guys came back into my life when we both needed each other. I adore the fact that Joe knows you, loves you, and Jocelyn will too. I love being able to share joys, concerns, milestones and adventures. Next we WILL celebrate your strength to overcome cancer! EFF CANCER! In the meantime, we are your pillows. Pillows are just there. No demands. Support. Always just there.

My best friend taught me that. Nicole also has the strength of 10,000 men. Overcoming difficult beginnings to be a role model and example of what smarts combined with true grit can get you. (Also with the support of a great husband).

My fort worth friends, Meg, Susan, Jami, Scheri, you guys have made being away from my family not only 'do-able but fun. Jason and I would have been okay... but friends, for me, sustain me. What better sustenance than the laughs, the counsel and the support each one of you give me. Ok and the wine. Ha!

Blessings. Every now and then I get a tap on my shoulder and a reality check to recognize my blessings. Looking through the 226 pictures on my iPhone was that tap.

What's tapping on your shoulder?


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

Looking at photos is also the tap on my shoulder. Photos and sometimes there are certain songs like "My Old Friend" by Tim McGraw. Oh my gosh that reminds me so much of my dad! I've always considered my dad to be my best friend and every time I hear this song I tear up. I live far from him and I feel as if I should visit a lot more. It makes me remember when I was younger and we all used to live together :( Another good one is "Live Like You Were Dying."

Meg said...

<3 Such a sweet post! You are very blessed :)