Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas in Houston

On Monday the 27th, we loaded up (bobcat and all) and headed to Houston for our celebrations there.  We arrived in the afternoon and had dinner sort of prepared... so we went about the business of opening presents.  

we used to have the tradition of going around the room and one person opening one present.  But it literally took ALL day to open presents....  
 Joe loves his forklifts!  :)  

My brother in law, Mike.  
trying to figure out Dad's new aerator.  :) 
My oldest sister Kim opening her new GPS... since she likes to drive everywhere.  
my sister got me one of those energy bands...  and we were practicing the balancing techniques.  

she got a steeler rug... to go with her Roethlisberger jersey that Danielle and Todd got her.  
Christmas Dinner.  Beef Wellington, Macaroni and Cheese, Carrots, Salad and more.  
 Emi watching Uncle Jay play with her DSI while she eats cereal. 
 this is Joe's hat...  :-/
Mamaw with her grandbabies.  :)  

 Grandpa came over the next day. 

 Kim and Emi making jewelry. 

Jason and I took the kids to the ˙Houston Childrens museum. 
 they painted faces
Joe did his own.  
We had a great time together.  :)  

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