Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Dinner with the Birds

We had a wonderful Christmas morning... just Jason, Todd, Joe and I.  We woke up, opened presents and Joe got to ride around on his bobcat.  

He sure loved his work bench too.  

 And Jason's one Christmas wish was for me to resurrect my "sourdough starter" and to make Christmas Sticky buns.  It was work but I got it to go and here was the result.  The more I make though... the better they will get. 
Then we relaxed and got ready and went over to the Bird's for Christmas Dinner.  It was so fabulously low key and wonderful.  Dinner was fantastic.  Company was great.  The kids really enjoyed each other.  I can't thank them enough for including us in their family gathering.  

 These are all pictures I took of them when we went Christmas Tree Shopping.  :)  I'm so flattered! 
 Jami and Chase... 
 Jami and her mama. 
 Joe sure does love Chase's bunk bed....
 I know you can't see Hannah's face... but aren't these three adorable?
 This is Jami's Dad...  he was looking with pride at his daughter. 

 Four Generations. 
 This is Evelyn.. otherwise known as Granny.  She was LOVELY!
 Dinner was served and YUMMY!

I realized that the entire day was spent without one picture of me.  :(  Ah well.  Life of the one taking the pics.  Right?  

It was a wonderful Christmas! 

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