Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Years at the Stanards

We have been meeting on New Years for about three years now.  The first year we had a party in our house in Houston...  and Crissy was freshly knocked up so she told us she was on antibiotics and couldn't drink.  Silly us... we believed her.  NOW ...  NOW we know her too well and we all know that wouldn't stop her.  HA!  

Last year we all met up at the Stanards House and from what I remember... we had a great time.  

Not sure they've changed all that much except for they have.  :-)  
This year we met back up at the Stanards.  

Poor Abby... she hates men.   jason did get her to come around though.  :)

Now Reagan... she has adored my Jason for ever.  :)  

Cooper is mobile...  upright and mobile!  

Nothing like two kids sitting at the bar
 aren't they cute? 

We have a similar picture from last year... it's mysteriously missing.  :-)

we tried to get just the three together for a yearly shot...  but they had to have mommy's.  

then we got all of the kids.  

 My little entertainer

Dana and Abby having a conversation.  

strange how Scott has this look most of the night....  wonder if the three shots had anything to do with it.  

 Jason perched...  now this may be because of the three shots before the party too.....
 Cam and his Daddy. 

 Jason cheer's-ing with Jacob, Sarah and Reagan

 the girls at the end of the night. 
thank you for a fantastic end to 2010 and an even better beginning to 2011!
Love you guys!

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