Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Jocelyn: 10 Weeks

 Jocelyn was 10 weeks old a whole week ago...  and I took the picture but couldn't seem to get two hands to get this typed.
I swear she has grown a foot in a week...  she's getting so long.  To me, she doesn't feel small anymore.  To the outside world, apparently, she is.  :-)

I also took the Joe/Jocelyn picture...  it's a bit like herding cats...  but I did finally get them to lay still long enough to take a couple of shots.

Jocelyn doesn't look amused but I got it...  we'll see if I can continue.  :-)

Do you think they look alike?  In this picture I do... but most of the time, they don't at all.  But what is true is their relationship is so sweet.  All she has to do is look at him and she smiles.  He LOVES to kiss her head and pet her.  I really hope they continue to be sweet to each other but I have a sneaky suspicion...  it won't.  
And this pic... I love.  The smile.  The smile captures it all.

Jocelyn is getting to be so much more alert and she smiles all the time.  She hasn't belly laughed but it's coming, I know it is.  She is rocking side to side on her little play mat, not rolling over completely (thank goodness)...  but I fear it's not far.

She's eating well and often.  She sleeps well at night and is all in all, an easy baby.  :-)

Joe continues to just be a comedian.  Things come out of his mouth and I know we'll forget some day.  He slid a "big red" over to Jason with the lid off and Jason told him...  "That is NOT ok we do NOT do that!"  Joe looked at the two of us and said...  "TA DA!"  with his hands up.  We couldn't resist... be burst out laughing.

He's getting so tall and is such a great swimmer.  I have swim video's that I'll work on editing when I have a spare second.  Ha!

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