Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pointe West, Galveston with great friends

For the last two years (three if you count this one), the S family, the M family and us have gone somewhere together.  The first year was to Cedar Creek Lake ... looking back at that blog... OH MY GOODNESS the kids were so young!  wowowowowow!  

Then last year we went to Lake of the Ozarks in a 15 passenger van.  It's a multi blog adventure.  We had such fun.  

This year, me having just had baby J...  we decided to just do a weekend and make it close.  So we went to Galveston.  We found a house at the last minute that was on the beach and it was perfect.  A private beach with no cars, no seaweed and very few people.  
 We arrived Friday evening and the kids immediately started playing together.  
The next morning it was a bit overcast (which was perfect) so we went on down to the beach.  Scott got a little Baby J fix...  you look awful good with a little one Scott.  :-) 
 the kids all built sandcastles and tore them down. 
 Abby taking a rest... 
 the outside of our house
 more sandcastles
 Baby J getting some beach time

 Sarah wasn't a huge fan of the salt water in her mouth

 my "sandpeople"...  from left to right:  Abby, Jacob, Sarah, Reagan and Joe

 50 cents.. ha ha ha

 Joe and Reagan were dancing in the surf... 

 We headed back to the house where we had lunch and then headed to the pool. 
 There was baseball with the boys while Jason and John cooked some burgers. 

 "Show me your muscles!"

 On sunday morning we tried to get ONE good picture of the kids...  well you can see how well that worked. 

 but we did get one of us.  :-)
What a great weekend with great friends.  Looking forward to next year! 

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The Great Elephant Symposium said...

What a great time!! I was going to say that I've never seen Galveston so clean and empty!!! I think renting a house for the weekend is such a great idea especially because of the privacy! I'm glad ya'll had fun!