Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Date night with my Little Man

I can't remember when it started...  but Joe and I started going to Red Lobster and we called it "date night".  I would tell him he was taking me on a date and he would have to hold my hand and give me lots of kisses. 

We would walk in and he would tell the hostess a "table for two, please".  We always seem to get the same booth and he sits next to me and gives me lots of kisses.  The hostess and the waitresses always admire him and tell me what a well behaved little man he is.  They tell me that they are jealous of my "date". 

Last night we took Joe to get his hair cut and after he asked me if he could take me on a date to Red Lobster.  He said Daddy and Jocelyn could come too.  Even though they were there, he sat next to me and gave me lots of kisses.  He asked for a table for three and a baby.  He held my hand. 

These moments...  these precious moments...  are just so incredibly special to me. 

My friend, Meg, told me about a song today...  about Never grow up by Taylor Swift...  and oh how I wish I could keep my two little people... little.  But, I guess that's not what life is about. 

For now...  I hope I get to go on a gazillion more dates with my little man.  Ones where he gives me lots of kisses and holds my hand. 


The Great Elephant Symposium said...

I love that!! What an awesome idea! I might adopt date night once my little boy is here!

kbarsch said...

I love that idea, too! Totally going to steal it if/when we ever get a boy!
If not, I'll change the name to "girl's night" with my DD (=

Delia said...

I decided a long time ago that I wanted to steal that idea. I can't wait!

Jess said...

LOVE this! I took Harper on a date the other night. She was in heaven, but I was even more.

Vanessa said...

so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeetttttt!!!!

the gnome's mom said...

I can't wait to do that with The Gnome.