Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth of July Weekend

The week before the 4th, Mom came up to help me because Jason had a conference to go to in Austin.  Each evening we would go to the pool and enjoy a swim to cool off from this dreadful heat.  

Joe enjoyed the forklift. 

On Friday night, my dad came up and joined us.  We all went to the lake on Saturday.  
 we cooled baby J off by putting her muslin blanket in the ice water.  It was then too cold... so mom warmed it up on her head.  :)

 Daddy was REALLY relaxed. 
 This was our little tent ahem... canopy... giving us the much needed shade. 
That evening, the Peck family came over to join us.  We all wanted to go swimming but as soon as we got there it started thundering.  :(
Shelby and Joe had a good time reading together though.  
All of the kids had such a great time.  They played and played and played and Joe was asking of Shelby and Coleman were coming over again the next day.  :-)
Just a random sweet hand shot.  :-)
On the fourth of July...  we went to the pool, hung out, took naps and then that evening, we went out to dinner with the Bird Family and to see fireworks.  
Dinner was excellent and the fireworks were great fun except for the trees.  :-) 

It was a great way to celebrate the birth of our great nation! 

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