Wednesday, July 27, 2011

It appears that pizza dough is the holy grail....

Who knew that a good pizza dough was like searching for the elusive holy grail.... I've tried a pampered chef crust. I've tried a sourdough crust from my own starter that I've since let die. I've tried various and assorted recipes from all over the Internet. They have all fallen short.

I talked to my friend Delia about pizza and bread and she recommended the artisan dough in five minutes.

I decided tonight was a good night to try it.

Jason's first response... It's good. It's crunchy!

I wanted a chicken pizza and red sauce didn't go with my vision. I made the dough, let it rise, cut off my dough ball, rolled it out and precooked it (to work on the crunch). I grilled my chicken and decided an Alfredo sauce would be yummy. But didn't have any... So I made some.

It all came together... My grilled chicken Alfredo roasted tomato pizza with caramelized onions on my very own crust. :-)

I may have found my holy grail.


Delia said...

I love that dough! It is so easy and I always have some in the freezer.

the gnome's mom said...

That looks so good. I do chicken, red onion, and bbq sauce :)