Sunday, December 23, 2012

Good Morning Amarillo... Hello Durango!

Good Morning Amarillo. I had set my alarm for 5:00 am and figured that would get the kids stirring. We wanted to get an early start so that we didn't roll into Durango too late.

The plan was to get breakfast along the way in the first town we came to. Poor plan as Jocelyn was asleep shortly after we hit the road. We did need to stop for gas so I ran in and grabbed some breakfast sandwiches.

About three hours into the trip we had a "check engine" light came on and then a "power reduced" signal. We literally coasted into the nearest town on a sunday. Nothing was open. We both had visions of tow trucks and a ruined christmas vacation. But... luckily Jason knew to unhook the battery and reset it. He hooked it back in and it worked. He asked me if we should take the safe way or the scenic route we planned on. We chose the scenic route.

OMG was it beautiful. Each rise over a mountain was prettier than the next. The hills got snowier and snowier. We went passed babbling brooks with snow and ice. We passed snow covered hills and rocky cliffs.

We stopped in Taos for lunch and to let the kids run around. There was a small playground in town (attached to a toy store) and it was perfect to get a little energy out. Joe got to play in the snow and ice... and he LOVED it. LJ was a bit more cautious but she eventually jumped into the fray.

We ate and then headed back out to our car to move onto Durango.

More gorgeous mountain scenery and cooler temperatures.

We pulled into Durango (remember, Joe had no idea) and as we came down the hill and saw the Durango train... we asked Joe if he knew where we were. His reaction was absolutely priceless. We told him that we were doing Polar Express the next day and he was over the moon.

Next up... drive up to the house. It's about 20 miles outside of town.

We pulled into the driveway and walked into the house... and man oh man did we hit the jackpot. It is gorgeous. We got the master (because we needed the extra space.) and settled in. Met Chris and Vicki's kids and settled in. Chris made an amazing dinner with flank steak with a pear/blue cheese reduction over field greens. AMAZING!

We were finally there and ready for a wonderful vacation. The kids were all enamored with each other (well except for the 15 year old who hates everything... wink wink).

I could seriously live here.

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