Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Boys went fishing and guests come for dinner

One of Jason's fondest wishes was to go trout fishing with his fly rod while in Durango. So, his Christmas present was a guided trout fishing trip with Chris. They packed up and headed out early early early on Thursday morning.

While the boys were gone we just hung out and really had a lazy day. One of the Sullivan boys wasn't feeling well, so he spent most of the day in the "man cave". The kids played in the snow. LJ took a nice nap on her mama's chest. The kids watched movies and enjoyed the snowy landscape. I had a fleeting thought of going for a run... but dad poured me a glass of wine to help me get over that urge. :)

One of our distributors is in Durango... and they were coming over for dinner with their two kids. I had planned dinner to be an apple cider marinated pork loin with four cheese scalloped potatoes with bacon wrapped green bean bundles.

Chris made fresh bread almost daily, which was delicious.

Unfortunately, right before dinner, mom started feeling under the weather. Luckily, she and Brady were the only ones who fell ill. It could have been bad... especially right before the end of our trip.

It was great visiting with Chad and Donna and their two girls. They are originally from Philadelphia.. and I recognized the accent. :) But they decided they didn't like people so they moved to the mountains where they live on 40 acres with one neighbor.

I love people so that is hard for me to understand. But I can absolutely understand loving Durango. I fell in love with the mountains, the snow, the touristy feel of the town, the skiing. Loved it. Maybe I loved it more because of the easy going feel of the week.... little demands on anything. Just enjoying life.

Pictures to come. :)

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